Blog Nation

This is my 1st post to a Brand New (baby) Blog. Hey, until I researched several sites, I wasn't sure what a Blog really is. Now I realize it's not just one thing but a Blog can be a Forum for expressing sentiments about topical issues or journal style day-in-the-life experiences.

Sgtlizzie.blogspot.com is the gal who motivated me to get going and I wouldn't have known about hers unless I read an AOL news item about soldiers Blogs and a 'Doc' now in Arizona guided me through his Blog to hers. That's how it flows -- freely and easily.

Blog Nation, the title of my first entry is intended to introduce me and my mission. Blog Nation stands for moments of time, frozen like, say, so manyphotographic plates that sunk with Sir Shackleton's 'Endurance' off Antarctica's rugged seas nearly a century ago. But capture them we must, the images, the sounds, the words of what is, what was important to us all.

Well, I tried to reserve a different Blog name, "Life as it is" and "Life as we know it" were among some of them -- GONE. It was way too hard to out-think those who have Blogged before me & grabbed those titles so I turned to some literary guidance in the form of the Bible, yea the Big Book, and the chapter of Psalm 22 verse 21.

It appealed to me as it reads,

"Save me from the lion's mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns."

Figuring nobody might have picked that, it was a winner! So be it; until the Blog Identity/Name confuses everybody, I'll hang with it and post/trumpet some thoughts of mine on the following subjects from the hornsoftheunicorn, particularly:

1. National health care and those who are left out. How will we answer this waiting nation?

2. How congressional 'Pork' squeals for our attention.

3. Are you better off? An election commentary. . .

4. "You've gotta give a little. . ." -- what are YOU doing to reach out America?

5. "Just a travelin' gal. . ." Views and viewpoints from across the U.S. from one who sees it all.

6. "Duck & Cover" -- how the war on terror immobilizes a nation.
Remember the 'Cold War?' Some feisty baby-boomers' retrospectives.

7. Iraq & You -- the effects on average Joe & Jane.

8. The Patriot Act & US -- how regular middle-America, heartland folks are persecuted.

9. Words that INFLAME & Words that INSPIRE -- let's hold officials accountable for their mouths!

10. TBD -- to be determined, you know, as the spirit moves me, etc.


[Reminiscent of the character in Peanuts who had that great little Advice Stand where almost anything was possible in the opinion category for a mere nickle. Ah, those were the days.]