Time for the S.O.P.

Imagine the headlines tomorrow:

"The White House is talking to the senior leadership of each party as candidates' names are vetted for the last remaining cabinet post. The White House Press Corps released a draft of the qualifications still under revision. However, the President is eager to settle on a short list of three candidates within the next two weeks. The new Secretary will have full support, in transition, in the offices of the Department of State, until the department headquarters are ready."

With that we could be proposing candidates and studying them intensely to see what, if anything, they bring to the table. You see, corporate success will not of its own be of great help. Advanced degrees in higher education may be useful but may not be essential. Experience in world travel and foreign languages may be very helpful. Mental acuity, psychological profile, and testimony from 30 years of neighbors may be essential.

The last cabinet post that must be filled by this administration is the most important.

She or he will be the architect of a great future, one that has not been crafted before. She or he must be thoughtful, open, nimble, tolerant, courageous, humble, bold, kind, eager, and above all have 'fire in the belly' for the work at hand.

The work?

For the new Secretary of Peace the work will be awesome and the rewards will be beyond measure.

Just imagine it.