The Leaker: Rove -- the Oratorical Incontinent

It may be big, but even Texas isn't big enough for the narcissum of Karl Rove. Pack his bags, haul his arse back there and you will find that even Nacogdoches doesn't have office space for that egocentric wannabe 'strategist.' Come on, be fair -- he's been a political hack, a Tactician; he's not Plato already! He was a damn lucky fellow in the right place at the right time and got 'adopted' into the right family who tapped the skill set he had to use to their advantage, period.

Maybe Karl just believes what he reads, you know -- that he is Bush's brain and such as that. Who can begin to analyze the workings of a politico willy-wonkers like the Rove'r?

Well, let's spare Ken Starr and all of the other laying-in-the-weeds Independent Counsel types the worry about finding a D.C. apartment. Cut Karl Rove loose! Let him go, FREE HIM from the demands that he can't manage -- the responsibilities of Judicious, prudent citizenship at the Top Seat of U.S. government. He's not serving US well, nor the Chief who had trusted him. Putting top (clandestine) intelligence officials' lives at risk by referencing or intimating their names or strong clues to their identities to reporters and others outside Top Clearance need-to-know positions, well, it's so anti-American that it smacks of sounding treasonous to some ears. If he would feel at liberty to do THIS, what ELSE has Rove leaked?

Sure, (to be clear) send a prosecutor after him on criminal charges after he's out of there, but Get Him Out now!

There are compadres all around you, Karl, who provide reasonable models for how to handle this situation. Take Donald Rumsfeld for one. On at least two occasions he stated that he has offered up his willingness to Resign to the President, always mindful that he serves at HIS pleasure; so far the President has not taken him up on the offer. Hmmm. . .

Go ahead Karl, try it just Once.

Make our day. "Happy trails to you. . .giddyup little pony giddyup. . ."