The 30-Minute Reagan National Airport Test

I'm ready to see an air marshall plow down one of these self-absorbed travelers who doesn't think that the repeated announcements about staying in their seats during the 30-minutes prior to landing (or take-off) at DCA -- Washington National/Reagan Airport -- pertain to them.

Again and again, somebody's bladder apparently just can't wait. Two or three laptop computers from people sitting in middle seats (notice how it's usually men?) suddenly must be replaced in their overhead stowage, some 10-15 minutes after the warning is announced. Flight attendants screech louder and louder into their PA systems, deafening the rest of us to the obliviousness of the offenders who already think they're just a little bit more special than the rest of us apparently and don't have to follow the rules.

Simple solution -- we KNOW there's at least 1 if not more air marshalls on any flight going to DCA; get their butts up and tackle these dudes right to the ground, cuff them, fine the hell out of them, and take them into custody. I think you would be amazed at the applause from the fellow passengers.

If we want to be safer, then quit screeching at the entire flight and ACT upon offenders, who, you never know, could be true risks to us all!