Brain Fog to the Finish Line

More than 2 weeks ago the Iraqi government's representative to the Ministry of Science and Technology's Planning and Following Up Directorate, Mohammed J. Abbas, informed the United Nations that tons of high explosives were missing in Iraq. Notifying the UN watchdog monitoring group,The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), was relevant in that this group had last inventoried the facility 30 miles south of Baghdad and tagged & sealed the explosives in January 2003. They returned 2 months later and verified that the tagged explosives were still there. It was reported that when Coalition forces entered the vicinity in April '03 they found nothing close to the quantity of materials specified in the report with the IAEA seals according to a news item of the American Forces Press Service (Oct. 26, 2004). The rest of this story has become evolving news for us and 'coincidentally' a lost-presidential debate opportunity. Presumably the DIA, the CIA, Homeland Security, and yes, the White House knew this, though, long before you and I.

So, looking back -- the U.S. did not find WMD in Iraq. But Condy insists that they had the evil intent in their minds to build them and use them. Pre-crime convictions apparently make us safer.

However, we DID have an enormous stockpile of explosives [or proximate access to it]. But who was in charge of those explosives? Didn't the 'buck' stop on somebody's watch? Wonder if it's on a job description or an Org. Chart? Why isn't anyone offering themselves up? You know, this would be a good time for a sacrificial goat (wink, wink, Rummy, if you're picking up the vibes).

I'm beginning to think that there's a psychopharmaceutical answer to a big part of this -- you know, the 'brain fog' of this question --the "Dumb & Dumber" of it all. It's time the public have the right to see the open medical records of all federal and military officials involved with any operations in Iraq, looking specifically at their use of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. See, I think WE can help THEM with their Brain Fog if they'd only let us.

What if we learned that, say, 22% of the analysts funneling information to decisionmakers were on Ritalin and coincidentally regularly take Antihistamines. Add to that their alcohol consumption (moderate to high) and periodic use of Anti-depressants [Typically during the Fall and early Spring]. Hmmm, that could be verrrrry interesting.

Take a different population, say Generals (3-birds up), cabinet heads, the right hand men and women of the oval office and look again. How many have lives outside the office? How many have someone or something to live for, like children, mates, churches, hobbies, future dreams to pursue? How many moral charges are buried in their pasts? What's their profile with Anti-Depressant, Anxiety Meds, Beta-Blockers, Seizure drugs, Sleep Meds, Pain Meds, Alcohol Use, etc? At what hours do they make their most significant decisions? At the onset of medicine intake or in the waning hours? What kind of dietary needs are being met? High protein? Caffeine?

What I'm getting at is, What is fueling the human engines that's driving our war?

Well, maybe it will turn out that we're 'recycling' the munitions/explosives in the promulgation of the war effort and just forgot to log it. You see, we sent all kinds of engineers, well-diggers, truck-drivers but it appears we forgot to send the most important of all -- Accountants with darn good Administrative Assistants. Maybe they were the 'jewels in the crown' -- the guards to the cache, you know? Some honest, independent groups to keep track, if not keep control of the comings and goings of where stuff went and who had control of it. Heck, go through the yellow pages of Kansas City or Boise and almost anyone with a license would do.

Because the 'leaders' at the top? Well, they're sort of confused, "working hard," kind of distracted, and overwhelmed. They're offended that questions about those misplaced explosives are staying on our minds in the waning hours of this campaign. Come what may, these questions are going to continue after the election. Win-lose. . . machts nichts as the Germans say -- on this score, "matters not." This and much more America will get to the bottom of. You know, part of D.C. is aptly called, historically-speaking, Foggy Bottom. There's a whole 'nother district within the District of Columbia and it should be called, Foggy Top. It's 6 p.m. Foggy Top. Do you know where your Xanax is?