Relocate this, EC

It comes on very good authority that there is a loosely structured movement afoot and it's brought on by nothing less than a complaint heard in many parts of this country this year and four years ago,

"I'm sick and tired of my vote not counting because I'm in a state where the Electoral College is already 'figured out' so it really doesn't matter if I knock myself out to vote in a downpour on election day or not. . ."

The sentiment is quite widespread and it's common among baby boomers who are now child-free, into our/their early retirement, second or third careers or are free-lancing or worse yet, are west-coast transplants who can move literally anywhere in the country and are eager to do so. Why not? Most of them/us weren't born out west anyway so why not cash out and head for an affordable lifestyle in a state where they/we can see their/our vote 'count?'

What does that mean for you Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and others? Well, it goes like this. For years, we've taken it on the chin. We've heard the snide remarks about your perceptions of our 'attitude' and guess what? Now, we're going to be like Mr. Rogers; we're going to welcome ourselves to your neighborhood!

We're going to run on your school boards, your town councils, your state assemblies, and yes, Congress.

Most importantly, we will be a viable and visible voting presence so if you have gotten a little bit slack out there in the hinterland, you might want to lick that lead on your pencil tip come November as practice because come 2008 it's going to be a whole different ball game.

We're movingon.now!